To Best the Boys Book Review


    Rhen Tellur, the main character in To Best the Boys by Mary Weber, has struggled to prove to others around her that she is as good as doing something as any boy. Better, in fact. So when the mysterious disease that has swept through her seaside town, and hits Rhen’s mother, Rhen is determined to do anything to help find the cure. So she enters the yearly competition for a scholarship to the esteemed Stemwick University, with her cousin Seleni by her side. However, this competition is strictly meant for boys…

So Rhen and Seleni go undercover to survive. Not everyone comes out of that maze alive.

         To Best the Boys shows many high action moments within the maze, perfect for fans of books based on survival. Readers also get a glimpse into Rhen’s life in the lower class, and Seleni’s more privileged life, and explores (and disproves) gender stereotypes that still exist in the world today, which in turn helps readers better understand our own world. They (Seleni and Rhen) might be some of the strangest types of heroes you will ever meet. Perfect for fans of the Hunger Games, the two books are very close in storyline.

        Readers who enjoy reading stories about strong women and girls, or simply like a survival based book, would love this. Many who have read the Hunger Games would also enjoy this book, they have very similar plot lines, with strong girls and a deadly game orchestrated for others entertainment.

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