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In Charlie Hernández and the League of Shadows, by Ryan Calejo, Charlie, soon after his parent’s mysterious disappearance, grows a pair of horns. Real, honest-to-goodness horns. Along with a map from his mother’s locket, he and Violet, a girl from school he has been crushing on for years, attempt to find out what is going on. As they encounter legends from Spanish mythology, many questions are raised, and the League of Shadows, a collection of the most powerful legends from Spanish mythology, may be able to answer them.

        I love books based on mythology, and Spanish mythology isn’t one I have done any research on, I only knew some basic facts, so it was interesting to see this mythology, which was a really good one. This book was suggested to me by a friend, who also enjoyed it. Overall, a relatable main character, (except for the myth parts). He goes through school problems all of us have gone through at some point, so each individual reader can connect to him in a different way.

         Anybody into mythology would love this book because it explores Spanish mythology, a mythology not a lot of people in the world know a lot about. Especially for Rick Riordan fans, this book is really similar to the Percy Jackson series.

7 thoughts on “Book Review

  1. Great Job! I’ve read this book before and you’ve captured it perfectly! It’s a awesome book and you’ve done an awesome job!

  2. I really like how your post was short yet put in everything the reader needed to know. It was reeally intresting and you added a hook that makes me really want to read it.

  3. Hi, Amelia! Your book review really made me want to read Charlie Hernández and the League of Shadows! Your summary helped hook me and you’re right about Spanish mythology. I want to learn more about it now!

  4. This book sounds cool! I love how you described it by giving the right amount of info and not to much! I will defiantly consider reading this book!!

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