Celtic Mythology 2

Hi! Welcome back to my blog, Mismatched Mythology. I didn’t think I put enough info on the last post about Celtic mythology, so I decided to make a Celtic Mythology 2 post. So let’s get started! (By the way, the picture above is the Dagda.)

The Dagda was the king of the Celtic pantheon and often pictured with his magical staff, which could change into a club for fights. He is pictured as a tall man or giant wearing a hooded cloak and holding his magical staff (or club, whatever you want to call the thing he carries around with him when he is charging into battles or merely casting a spell, being the god of magic as well as the god of life and death, the god of the seasons and crops as well as the god of time and agriculture, and let’s not forget strength. He was a god of many things.)

He was married to Morrigan, Boand, Cirr, and many others. His children include Brigit, the goddess of the fire of  inspiration, the fire of the hearth, and the fire of the forge. However, she is only one of the Dagda’s many children.

His mother was named Elatha. The Dagda’s father is not known. Many think his father was some stray passing mortal who fell in love with Elatha then abandoned her after he learned who she was. Either way, the Dagda grew up without his father and just his mother and his brothers Nuada and Ogma.

Some people think that Nuada and Ogma were part of the Dagda. He was believed to be a triple deity, an immortal being that has three different aspects that are divided up. Still others believe that Nuada and Ogma were simply that: his brothers. They believed that they shared the same mother, nothing else.

The Dagda was a noble figure, carrying a harp, his magical cauldron and staff, striding across mountains. The Dagda is the king of the Celtic pantheon.

Well, that ends my post. See you next time on the blog! I can’t wait! Bye! The Dagda in war form


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