Egypt’s History

Hi! Welcome back to my blog, Mismatched Mythology. Today’s post is about Egypt’s history, as you can tell by reading the title.  So, let me tell you the the story of the Egyptian gods.

There was once a god named Ra and his eternal enemy, Apophis, who was literally made of pure evil. Ra, on the other hand, was the picture of goodness and light. (Literally. Ra was the god of the sun, so kind of like Apollo from Greek mythology, but Ra is the king of the Egyptian gods, so not like Apollo and more like Zeus in this case.) Every night, as the sun set, Ra would battle Apophis, and emerging triumphant every time, start his journey through the twelve houses of night, battling monsters all the way. As you might of guessed, the twelve houses of night match the twelve hours of night, so you can only pass through if  the hour of night matches the Houses of Night. The Houses of Night are located in the Duat, which is pretty much just a whole lot of never ending layers hidden under the surface of the world.

       Anyway, eventually some other gods started popping up in history right about this period. Ra made Bastet, (But everyone calls her Bast),the cat goddess, his top lieutenant and ever since then, she is fiercely protective and loyal, like all cats are, to her master. Set, the god of evil, was also mentioned right about here, and being the god of evil, joined up with Apophis in the war against goodness and light. The war is eternal and never ending, but the gods will live and survive.

      Well that ends my post! Bye!

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