Egypt and its Myths

Hello! Welcome back to my blog, Mismatched Mythology. Today’s post is about Ancient Egyptian myths.

Ancient Egypt invented its own language, which is of course called Ancient Egyptian. For writing, Ancient Egyptian people came up with hieroglyphs, which are strange symbols for each word. The Ancient Egyptians did not write very much, but they did have very complicated myths and legends to explain things about the way the world was built and structured.

In their thoughts, Ra was the king of the Egyptian gods. He was the god of the sun and eternal enemy of Apophis, the Chaos snake. Ra is was also leader of Ma’at, also known as order.

Isis is the goddess of magic and she is the wife of Osiris, who became king of the gods after Ra retired. She is also the mother of Horus, who is also known as Horus the Avenger. He became king of the gods after Osiris.

Other better known gods include Babi, the baboon god, Neith, the goddess of hunting, Bes, the god of dwarfs, Tawaret, the goddess of childbirth and hippos, Bast, (she is my favorite Ancient Egyptian goddess), the goddess of cats and Ra’s most faithful bodyguard and lieutenant, Anubis, god of death, and Hapi, (I know, it sounds like happy, so he is always happy), the god of the Nile. Hapi is a giant among giants. He is absolutely gigantic.

Apophis is called the Chaos snake for a reason. He and Ra battled each night as Ra passed through the Twelve Houses of Night in the Duat. The Duat is basically just a sea under our world, with gazillions of never ending layers you can travel through if you are brave enough to dare to try.

There is also a Underworld, where the dead live in homes. In the court of the Underworld, Ammit the Devourer eats the hearts of people who have done too much bad in their lives to pass on to the Underworld.

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Norse Myths and other awesome things

Hi! Welcome back to my blog, Mismatched Mythology.

As I told you in the last post, today’s post is about Norse mythology. Norse is not one of my favorite mythology’s, but it is pretty good to study. Really complicated, but I think you could get it.

Anyway, back to the post topic. Basically, the Norse believed that there was three brothers, a giant named Ymir, and a big battle. Eventually the brothers won.

Two brothers died, or went away, but anyway, Odin, the remaining brother, tore up the giant (I know, it sounds gross) and moulded the earth out of Ymir’s flesh, made rivers, lakes, seas, and oceans out of Ymir’s blood, and a tree grew and flourished.

The tree was called the World Tree, and had nine levels, or worlds. The level that Odin founded the Norse gods was called Asgard. He took the lovely Frigg as his wife and settled down to have a family. Little did he know what awaited him.

He became the king of the Norse gods. The more well known gods include Freya, the most beautiful of the goddesses, and her brother Frey.

Njord is the god of the sea and is married to a giantess who’s name I can not remember.

There is, also, of course, Thor, who is the god of thunder and is one of Odin’s sons, which kind of makes Thor a prince.

There is also Loki, the god of trickery, who is kind of like Mercury or Hermes, but Loki’s tricks are much worse. Once, he chopped off Sif’s hair. Since Sif is basically the goddess of spring, her hair keeps the crops in Midgard (the human world) healthy, so there was a huge shortage of food.

Sif is also Thor’s wife, so he was really mad over Sif’s hair. Loki had to make the dwarves agree to make a replacement hair piece for Sif, which is really difficult because dwarves are so grumpy. Anyway, he got the hair, but his head got put on the line (as they say)because of some deal he did. So the answer is, never mess with Loki and absolutely never ever wish to be him.

I hope you enjoyed the post! I am not sure yet what the next post is going to be, but I think I will do one on Egyptian mythology or one just on Roman mythology. Bye! Can’t wait till next time!